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receptivity to treatment for an appropriate diagnosis for which they could actually receive effective treatment.

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You are going to have to learn some different things because your entire life you’re been taught wrong about how to be successful with women.

Even the approach where so-called ‘relationship experts’ will tell you to ‘court a woman’ and take her out on dinner and dates, doesn’t really match up with what the modern Metro and sexually aware woman wants.

But codependency in and of itself is NOT a disorder, and adding the label of being "a codependent” to someone already suffering from anxiety, depression, and now-likely trauma, not only provides the abuser with an excuse for their inexcusable behavior, it re-victimizes and further traumatizes the partner in need of intensive healing and repair.

No one can be everyone’s type, and I don’t take it personally if after a man decides he’s just not that into me.

It is not that you have to be cheap, but remember that J. The focus SHOULD be on just you two and getting to know each other, casually and fun. You can easily have more fun with a woman when all of the pressure is off and you can just be casual and have a good time with their, teas her, make her LAUGH and flirt instead of feeling resentment at paying for her meal (like every other guy), going home and spanking the monkey.